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. this is the fastest growing minority in america. let's keep in mind, 50 percent, 50 percent of the children born in america are brown. jon: let me cut this one short. the president has entered the rose garden, he's about to speak on immigration, as well as the new gdp numbers. let's listen in. >> the department of interior and homeland security, as well as the administrator of the eps, my assistant for energy and climate change policy, and the noah administrator to the gulf coast to ensure we continue to do everything necessary to respond to this event, and i expect their reports today. as i said yesterday, bp is ultimately responsible under the law for paying the cost of response and cleanup operations, but we are fully prepared to meet our responsibilities to any and all affected communities. that's why we've been working closely with state and local authorities since the day of the explosion. there are now five staging areas to protect sensitive shore lines. approximately 1900 federal response personnel are in the area, and more than 300 response vessels and aircraft iran the -- on the screen
, for corporate america. >> stuart varney, the host of varney & company on fox business network. thanks. >> thank you, jon. >> details on a heart-warming story we watched unfold here yesterday. florida rescuers bringing the 11-year-old girl, nadia bloom, to safety after she was lost for days in a swamp infested with alligators. and a man from her family's church found her and called 911. and he says god led him to the little girl, here's some of the emergency call. take a listen: >> i'm the girl that got lost. >> are you okay, not hurt in any way. >> i'm okay. >> i'm one of the people from the police department, stay on the -- stay with that man. and we will have somebody come to you, right now. >> the doctors treated her for injuries and she had bug bites and dehydration and is said to be doing okay. want to get to breaking news, the president has been meeting on financial regulation as you heard stu reference, let's take a listen. >> president barack obama: what we are seeing i think is significant improvement in the economy and stabilization but obviously everybody be here, republican and demo
to america". what's sparking these protests? jane an international investigation is underway after a woman from tennessee sent other adopted son on a one-way flight back to russia, which is where she first adopted him. we're told she put the seven-year-old on a plane by himself, along with a note, saying he had severe psychological problems. it's reported she found a russian man on the internet and paid him to be on the other end and pick the boy up and drop him off at a government office. the grandmother of this boy, the mother of the mother in this case, said the boy was showing violent and psychotic behavior, threatening to burn the house down but the russian chiern rights commissioner says the child was, quote, completely healthy, physically and mentally, before the adoption. this case, as you can imagine, is stirring international outrage. via skype is member of the a tevment, dr. keith ablow, good to see you, what are your thoughts? some this morning have said there must be something else to the story we're not hearing, nobody does this, puts a small child on a plane and says see you
, that rogue nation launching war games, and now the supreme leader there, well, he says america poses an atomic threat to his people. is the ayatollah covering for his own country's nuclear ambitions? we'll take a closer look. jon: take a look at what's happening now, in the top box, at least 60 passengers were injured after a toss by the corner value cruise ship ecstasy, it happened near mexico's yucatan peninsula, the ship is docked in galveston, texas. >> the last victims of the polish plane this been id viewed. seventy-five have been returned for burial. >>> the shuttle atlantis on the launchpad for its final mission. it's set to blast off next won't. -- next month. iran himself military has launched a round of war games, about 40 percent of the world's oil and energy supplies pass through that strait and iran signaled it would try to close the water ways to thwart an attack, this comes after the supreme court of the country, ayatollah khoemeni guarantees the nations would not threatened by a strike but iran was excluded, the ayatollah said that is against the iranian people and w
gutierrez in louisiana for us. thanks. jon: this just in a big decision on building america's first offshore windfarm. clearing the way for more than 100 turbans to be built off cape code in massachusetts. this decision has some major implications for the entire wind energy industry but also could put the obama administration at odds with some of the president's biggest supporters including the ken family of massachusetts. molly live in boston for us. what does this decision mean for the massachusetts project and for other big projects under consideration here molly? >> reporter: this is really a landmark day for america's first offshore wind project. it has been approved the secretary of the interior ken salazar announcing today he has approved cape wind's project but he has a few caveats making some condition. he's moderateing the project a tad. joses instead of 170 turbines allowing 130 turbines to be built off the waters and asking cape wind to take some extra steps to preserve the historical and cultural aspects of nantucket sound where the turbines will be placed once these thing are b
across america, holding rallies yesterday against big government spending and taxes, president obama has a reaction. >> i've been a little amused over the last couple of days where people have been having these rallies, about taxes! you would think they would be saying thank you! that's what you'd think! jon: have you thanked your president lately? a fair and balanced debate, next. jon: president obama says he is amused by all of the recent tea party rallies around the nation. those demonstrations attracting huge crowds on tax day in cities and towns across america, people voicing their frustration over the expanding role of government, calling for lower taxes. but president obama says they should all be thanking him for cutting their taxes. peter mirijanian, terry holt, i'm guessing, terry, you heard the president in that sound bite we played before the break saying hey, they should all be thanking me. should they? >> i can't ever recall a time where a president spoke in such a humiliating way about the people that he serves. i mean, this strikes me as smug and arrogant and utterly out
on the streets in north america. conventional wisdom, i think everybody knows that by making the drugs illegal, the profit knows -- profit goes up and there's an enrichment of organized crime but the prevailing wisdom has been that law enforcement, i don't want to be too critical of law enforcement. people who put their lives on the line every day to keep the streets safer, but what we've basically seen is that when drug law enforcement takes the key players out of the market, there's a mad scramble to try and obtain or increase market share for the lucrative illegal markets. so conventional wisdom has been that police keep a lid on it, when according to the scientific literature, it suggests that when you take out key cartel members or even a dealer off the corner, turf wars ensue. gregg: let me go to john walters. as i understand it, you're pretty skeptical of this study. do you think it's been misconstrued, is it flawed? >> it's dumb and dumber. i mean, nobody believes this, there's not even a child -- i mean, things have changed dramatically on the streets of new york city, the country of
republic which puts forth a plan on its web site to, quote, restore america by peacefully displanting many of the institutions of goth. we have word of eight different governors' offices receiving the letter, and the associated press says 30 have received it. in most cases the letter is sent directly to state police authorities who are now investigating. jim gibbons of nevada, one of the governors receiving the letter, even though authorities say they're not overly concerned, they installed new screening machines just as a precaution. trace: what else can state authorities do? >> reporter: right. well, they're investigating, that's all they can do, taking normal precautions. as far as we know, this hasn't caused any serious problems in any of these states. fbi intelligence note is somewhat informal, it's a warning advising law enforcement official about something they've learned that law enforcement needs to know about. it's not as serious as an intelligence bulletin which usually contains specific information about a security threat. trace: steve centanni live in washington, steve, thank
known. roughly half of all the households in america pay not a single dime in federal income tax. either their income is too low to cross that taxing threshold or they've got so many deductions it puts them below the taxes threshold. about half pay nothing. jon: i said federal taxes, you're saying federal income taxes, they may payroll taxes. >> if you work you obviously pay social security tax, that's a payroll tax, you pay it, regardless of income, you pay it, but when it comes to federal income taxes, 47 percent of households pay nothing at all. jon: so i was reading that it's possible that a family making $50,000, four people, nothing in federal income tax. >> that is correct. the median household income in america in 2007 was just over $50,000. it's about the same now. that family of four, given some deduction, given some circumstances, would not pay any federal income tax. jon: and the percentage of people who aren't paying taxes jumped something like 11 percent over the last year or so. >> yes. now think of it as a tipping point, jon. if you've got half your population paying no f
that the new direction for america's space program won't put us in the back seat of man's space exploration. in is the last year for the space shuttle, but the replacement for the shuttle, the constellation, is way over budget, way behind schedule, so the president is basically canceling that program and telling nasa to speed development of a new launcher. in the meantime, the u.s. will pay russia $50 million a head to hitch rides for astronauts to the space station and the president will spend about $6 billion to encourage private companies to develop launchers. there are a couple of private companies who think they can get people to the space station for a lot less than the russians charge but they haven't the launchers to do that yet, jane. jane: wendell, as we watch the two ascend the stairs into air force one, what has the reaction been? it's been strong on behalf of some former astronauts. >> well, it's been a disappointment for a lot of people, and especially some former astronauts, but some other astronauts say the handwriting has been on the wall for years and the president's new
be that we keep america the best place to create capital and credit. you know, in america one of our unique strengths is if you've got a good idea and you're willing to create risks and create job, you can usually get capital and credit to help you do that. now, the bill that's presently before us would, in my opinion, destabilize the credit markets to some degree because it would cause a contraction in credit as a result of the excessive approach it takes and how it tries to regulate the counterproductive approach as it tries to regulate what's called derivatives. we need stronger derivatives regulation, and i've got a proposal to do that, but the proposal in the bill that we're considering basically creates -- actually, in my opinion, it will unbalance the situation and create a weaker regulatory environment and probably harm our credit markets. jon: the republicans essentially blocked the bill on three successive occasions and then relented. why? >> well, because we wanted to be at the table and negotiate how the bill could be improved, and we did. we were, as a result of saying we weren
cleric over in yemen who was born in america. >> who, by the way, now is on the capture or kill list authorized by the president. clearly, this is a problem. it's a pr problem, it's a legal problem, and they're not going to get everything they want, and it's a political problem for the white house that they need to make go away. jon: but in a word you think there will be something forthcoming that's going to satisfy the senate sh. >> there'll be more information forthcoming. how satisfied they are will be a political question. jon: all right. coley stimson, good to talk to you, thanks. jane there's a new word getting a lot of people's attention, potentially we could wake up and one day find iran is not only a nuclear power, but also have missiles that could reach into our backyards. also harris has news breaking out of the standoff in arizona. we've been watching a s.w.a.t. team. they've just gone inside the house where a home invasion occurred earlier. we'll tell you what they have found or what they have not found. nuclear power, but also [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tom
happen in america? >> no, i never thought it would happen here. you know, it happens in america, but mostly, for schools and roads and bridges and all that, utilities. but never for something like this. >> well, mike says he will fight to the end. there will be a hearing on may fifth on whether or not the city will have to use eminent domain. jon: what's the city say about why they're doing it? >> reporter: the city says they're allowed under the 2005 supreme court ruling if it's for the public good, they say the hotel project is for the public good, it will help taxes, increase revenue, they say the property owners will be compensated fairly, at fair market values, and their rights are not being violated. jaime dacy is head of the auburn industrial development agency, he says this could be a proper use of eminent domain. >> do you think the government should take property? >> you have to look at the reason for it. and what is the good for the community as a whole. to just take property, no, i don't think that they should just take property, but there has to be a good reason to
we could learn about these people going forward, breaking news on "america's newsroom". martha: thank you, bill. "hagging now" starts now. jon: we continue with this fox news alert, john paul stevens announcing he'll retire when the court finishes its work this summer. i'm jon scott, along with jane skinner, the announcement of the leader giving president obama's his second high court opening to fill, the plan to step down has been pipt \dollars/{^ed} -- hinted at for months, it comes 11 days before stevens' 90th birthday. james rosen is live the a the white house, bring us town date. >> reporter: president obama has been practice prague, signing the nuclear treaty with the russianings and is enroute back to the white house. we expect to see him arrive here about two hours from now. we were originally told before this news broke that the president planned to be speaking to the american people on the subject of the mining tragedy in west virginia, but now we expect of course we will hear from him in some form or fashion, or perhaps a favor statement, or what have you, on this su
for america. what does it mean for our security? and no shortage of celebrity deaths linked to prescription drug abuse. anna nicole smith, michael jackson, heath legere, but the problem goes way beyond hollywood. there's a big spike in e.r. visits, more and more americans overdosing. some alarming stats. why is it all happening? >>> we know a lot of you are online while you're watching. if you want to get a jump on this story, check it out on the other news source, foxnews.com, find all the day's stories right there, foxnews.com. jon: a bleak underway in montcoal, west virginia, were are awaiting a news conference in the governor, joe manchin, he is expected to step to the microphones and talk about the recovery efforts for the four miners still missing after that big blast there. the thing has been delayed for more than an hour and a half now, it was expected to start at the bottom of the hour, it's now 25 minutes almost beyond that, and still, no word from the governor. whether that means there are developments, perhaps they are getting closer to know what has happened to those four missi
billion bailout package, that allows these biggest financial institutions, in america to have the backstop of a $50 billion fund, if they get into trouble, will bail them out and that will allow them to borrow money cheaper than a main street bank or local credit union or family owned savings and loan and, because they've got the special relationship with government, be able to undercut their private competition and this is always the conundrum in america. we like to have clear-cut rules that keep the big boys honest and the other hand don't like the idea of government bureaucrats running roughshod over our economy. >> karl rove joining us from texas. thank you. >> you are about to meet the man brave enough to take incredible pictures, an italian scientists, look, flying in a chopper, so close to the volcano in iceland, more of these amazing shots to come and, also, moving live pictures from oklahoma city where the names of those killed, 15 years ago at the federal building are being read allowed... -- aloud. >> christie... claudine ritter. diane randolph... [ female announcer ] grass stai
goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. togethewith schools, we're hping kids makeore balanced chces every day. ♪ jon: they're accused of opening fire on u.s. navy ships in some of the most dangerous waters in the world off the coast of africa. now 11 suspected pirates are facing justice in a virginia courtroom. brian wilson is live for us in washington, so why norfolk, virginia, brian? what's going on? >> reporter: well, it's because there are home ports for the ships that are involved. let me explain. the u.s. government has indicted and plans to prosecute 11 pirates they captured off the coast of somalia. they're preparing to be in court today. this is the courtroom in norfolk, virginia, after being held on u.s. ships for a week. charges include piracy, assault with dangerous weapons, conspiracy to use firearms and crimes of violence. you know, piracy, it's a tough issue for the u.s. goth. they want -- government. they want to do something about the lawless action of those thugs armed with sma
knows america, he was educated here, he knows the university and he's using the internet to recruit all kinds of -- maybe thousands of followers, he was in touch with major nidal hasan over the internet and apparently we taxpayers helped pay for that. >> it's an outrage. the key thing it shows here is that this is one of the leading al-qaeda terrorists, still abroad, still actively recruiting, and as you just mentioned, jon, has links to two of the most dangerous attacks in history, fort hood and the christmas day bomber. what this highlights is the need to connect the dots, there are tools in place in the immigration system that can be helpful in preventing terrorism and you could make a very good case that every domestic terrorist attack prefort hood could have been stopped if proper immigration enforcement was put in place. jon: you say universities but it's really a government function, isn't it, to make sure that people are who they say they are when they come to this country to study? >> it's a great point. it's a shared responsibility and the government ultimately has the backsto
shuttle plan for this country. what is america's future in space? what should it be? ♪ somewhere over the rainbow, way up high ♪ i'm robert shapiro. over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at legalzoom.com we put the law on your side. launch your dreams. these are actual farmers who raise vegetables in campbell's condensed soup. so if you've ever wondered who grew my soup, well, here they are. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ jane: tiger woods is set to face tough questions from reporters about an hour and 45 minutes from now. he'll be holding a news conference ahead of his return to competitive golf at the masters at augusta national in georgia. he spent the morning on the links, he's been practicing, getting ready for the first tournament since the sex scandal broke about four-and-a-half months ago. what can we expect to hear from him? joining us is dr. keith ablow, a psychiatrist, also the deputy editor of golf.com was watching thi
weaponry. jon: the technological edge is something that america has always maintained, yet the secretary of defense says we're not going to develop any new warheads, we're not going to develop any new nuclear weapons. what do you make of it? >> that's why the npr is troubling because it's sending mixed signals, it's sending mixed signals to our ally, can they depend us if they face a large attack, will they keep the technological weapons to keep these -- to keep these weapons. there's a lifetime to these weapons, they deteriorate, so are we going to have things that help us make them more reliable and more secure, and the npr was a little troubling in that way. and let's step back even further, jon. what did we get by this assurance to the world that we're not going to use nucleolar weapons on a nonnucleolar state? look, when we didn't have that promise we had proliferation, india, pakistan, south korea, all -- actually, north korea, all of them got nucleolar weapons, it's as if we're engaged in some sort of search for some kind of sort of self-proclaimed moral standing that may have no
've got bad news for you. america very much dislikes your party. the good news is they dislike the republicans even more. [laughter] look at these numbers, if you will. this is approval ratings for both parties. you see the bottom there, the tea party movement? they've almost got the same approval rating as the democrats and republicans. what's going on here, bob beckel? >> you've got to look at the other side of that which is all three of them have high disapproval ratings. trace: that's what i'm saying, everybody disapproves of them. >> exactly. when you see one party like mine take a hit as hard as it has which has been significant in the last year, you generally find the other party, the republicans, increasing in approval. you haven't seen that this time, so that's a sliver of good news. let's face it, if the election were held today in the aftermath of the health care bill and the deficit and recession, we probably would lose the house, and but that's today. i don't believe it's going to happen in november. trace: that's the thing, dana, the e-mails and reaction we get, y
and deficit, spain's next, portugal's next. how'd you like to be the united states of america when china pulls the tin cup and says we don't want t-bills, we want money? >> reporter: simpson says he is no more in favor of tax hikes now than he was when he was a member of congress, but he says he's determined not to leave his grandchildren saddled with unmanageable debt, jon. jon: but a lot of skeptics are saying, you know, this is a way for the president to break his promise, campaign promise not to raise taxes on families making less than $250,000 a year. he can blame it on a commission. >> reporter: well, and the president says he still holds to that campaign promise. he says he does not want to raise taxes, but he also says he doesn't want to put blinders on the commission as it looks for the best ways to control the nation's debt. that said, commission co-chair bowles, president clinton's former chief of staff who was also on fox news sunday with senator simpson yesterday, says the president specifically told him that everything is on the table. frankly, a tax hike might not be the most un
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